Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Snacking: Summer Sausage Edition

Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Snacking: Summer Sausage Edition

Summer is just around the corner! And with so many adventures coming up for millions of families around the world, it’s important to plan ahead. Specifically when it comes to nutrition and snacking. To help fuel your summer, we’ve come up 5 ideas to spice up your summer snacking with the protein in summer sausage:

Protein at the Poolside

Spending time at the pool (or any body of water, really) is a summer staple. Except this year, skip the boring old chips and dip and treat yourself with a mouthwatering summer sausage platter. Pair it with some cheese, crackers, and a refreshing beverage, and you’ve got yourself a snack spread that’ll have everyone coming back for seconds.

The Perfect Protein Picnic Snack

Ever tried a protein-packed summer sausage sandwich? Now's your chance! 

Spread out your picnic blanket, and some freshly sliced summer sausage between cheese and hearty bread slices. Make it a Thanksgiving sandwich spin off with our Cinnamon Apple summer sausage flavor and some cranberry sauce on a roll. Each bite offers a perfect blend of flavors. 

If you don’t feel like sandwiches, no worries! Keep it simple and pack sliced summer sausage alongside cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit for a satisfying and protein-packed charcuterie spread. 

Spice Up Breakfast 

Summer sausage isn’t just for charcuterie and sandwiches! Try incorporating some summer sausage into your breakfast dishes. Whether you're crafting a fluffy omelet, a cheesy quiche, or a hearty breakfast burrito, adding diced summer sausage will elevate your morning meal. Pack an extra punch of spice when you use the Jalapeno Cheese summer sausage flavor for breakfast favorites.

Cocktail Hour Snacks

Did we mention summer sausage was so versatile? We may have mentioned it once or twice above cough cough. Let’s talk about summer sausage and cocktails. Yes, please. Slice it up, skewer it with toothpicks, pair it with olives, cheese, and cherry tomatoes for a protein powered appetizer with cocktail hour. The options are endless! 

A Camping Companion

Summer sausage is the ultimate camping companion, offering more than just a tasty roast over the campfire. From hearty breakfast skillets to portable sandwich fillings and flavorful additions to campfire stews, its versatility shines through once again.

Whether you're refueling on the trail or enjoying a midnight snack by the fire, summer sausage adds convenience and deliciousness to every outdoor adventure. 

Protein in Summer Sausage

But wait, there’s more! Summer sausage isn’t just delicious—it’s also packed with protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied all summer long. With every savory bite, you’re getting a hefty dose of protein in summer sausage to fuel your summer adventures.

Our summer sausage packs a protein punch, with 14g of protein per serving. You’re getting all the flavor you crave with none of the guilt. It’s a win-win!

Give Apex's Summer Sausage a Try Today

So there you have it: your ultimate guide to summer snacking. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, having a family picnic, or hosting a backyard barbecue, make sure to stock up on summer sausage. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

Check out our sizzling summer sausage collection. From smoky Original, to Jalapeno Cheese, and Cinnamon Apple, your snacking game will never be the same.

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