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Being from Montana gives me endless outdoor opportunities and I would be lying if I said I didn’t take full advantage of that. The mountains are my home and they’ve helped shape the person I am today. With every free moment I have I try to get out and explore all the different mountain ranges I am surrounded by. My typical hobbies include hunting big game animals, hiking peaks over 9,000ft tall, trail riding my horses in search of new areas, swimming in alpine lakes, packing camps back into the mountains for overnight trips, snowmobiling the versatile backcountry landscapes and much much more. I am a girl of many hobbies to say the least and to tackle all of these adventures it is crucial to have a snack that will fuel my body properly. That is why I choose Apex Protein Snacks. What you put into fueling your body will have a direct effect on what your body will be able to accomplish. If you want to preform at your best, you have to set yourself up for success and that starts with good protein and quality nutrients. So what better snack than a snack that is fit for adventure?”