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“Growing up on acreage near small town Roca Nebraska, I fell in love with the outdoors early on as a kid. My family were not hunters at the time, aside from my father doing some bird hunting during his childhood. I got intrigued by Whitetail deer when I was 11 years old after watching a buck chase a doe through the cut bean field in November, just south of our home. I vividly remember watching that buck go back and forth from the doe and another buck… asserting his dominance and stirring up dirt, what a sight! After that day I started trying to learn everything I could about whitetail deer which led me to watching VHS tapes and reading articles of Realtree monster bucks, Drury outdoors and the like. I picked up a bow that Christmas and started shooting and practicing as much as possible. The following season was my first time hunting whitetail. After sitting over 20 days and not seeing a single deer I watched in amazement as a large doe was working herself my way on a cold raining October evening. she slipped into my shooting lane at 28 yards, I drew back my bow with my fingers, put my pin where It needed to be and let it fly. A perfect double lung and I was absolutely hooked from that day forward! Since then I have grown a huge passion for sharing my experiences and love for the outdoors. I created my brand “Whitetail Fit” in early 2016 and have been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people through my videos and writing. I am now 27 years old and love doing this so much that I left my job in construction of 12 years to pursue my brand full time. What an amazing journey and blessing it has been… all thanks to the great outdoors.”