"My pursuit for the outdoors started at an early age growing up on Long Island, New York.  My father would take us to the shore waterfowl hunting and fishing or chasing white tail in the Catskill Mountains. If not playing sports in high school I was pursuing some kind of wild game until I left for the military right after graduation.  I was able to meet new friends in the Midwest which led to an even more addiction for the outdoors and eventually moved to the State of Indiana where I started a family and career in law enforcement (AND CHASE MIDWESTERN BUCKS). It wasn’t long for my love for the outdoors grew as I started to film and document hunts for outdoor television. In 2001 I started the RUGG’D apparel line and also continued to film and do several podcast/seminars to promote the positive aspects the outdoors has to offer.

I hope I am continued to be blessed to have the opportunity to inspire young hunters through my several platforms including social media and television.  I want to be able to show how the outdoors and living a healthy lifestyle through both fitness and hunting can truly be a life changing experience."


Want to know more about Joel!? Check out his Instagram: @seanlundy_lundylfe