Our Background

Outdoorsman. Adventurists. Fitness Junkies. Purists. Label us whatever you want, just know one thing – everyone involved at Apex has a passion for spending time outside the concrete jungle. For pushing our limits, both physically and mentally, in environments that truly test us as individuals. Day by day, we want to continually better ourselves – not only in the business and fitness realm, but as people, making sure we do our best to play a valuable part in the lives of our family and to those we come into contact with.The idea for Apex Protein Snacks was conceived in the backcountry of the North Brooks Range, Alaska – 150 miles from nearest civilization. It was there while eating a normal convenience store snack stick, and diving into the nutritional aspects of it out of boredom, that we realized the need for a minimally processed – highly nutritious meat snack product in the outdoor market place. No more lies about meat products being a so-called health food, yet carrying more saturated fat than French Fries from a local fast food joint, and sugar levels that rivaled a soft drink to produce higher amounts of product, for less cost (using sugar as filler product to allow for less meat per product). This seemed absolutely wrong to us, and so we wanted to create a snack line that truly had health benefits and macros that would fit into any diet plan.

On top of that – we also wanted to create a product line that was a personal ode to our outdoor heritage, and the wild animals that we so passionately pursue. Creating this line of products has been years in the making, and after spending countless hours on recipe formulation and product development, we finally ironed things out to where we were confident in the product and brand. There was just ONE thing left to accomplish before moving forward with the company.

Knowing that we are all so blessed to live in the Country that we do, and have the opportunity to enjoy the Great Outdoors, we wanted to build Apex Protein Snacks with a deeper cause behind it, and decided to start Kids In The Outdoors, a 501C3 dedicated to helping kids growing up and living in poverty stricken and inner city areas experience everything that the outdoors has to offer. With a portion of all gross sales donated to this platform, along with fundraising efforts to grow this non-profit, we feel confident as a company that what we are giving our best efforts to further our outdoor heritage, and pass along the lifestyle that we love and care about so much to the next generation.

Here’s to you for joining us on our mission here at Apex – we look forward to providing you with Food Fit For Adventure!